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On Censorship



       I’ve given considerable thought to putting The Voice of Reason on my author’s page. I’m all too aware that doing so has the potential to alienate some readers. And though that will never be my intent, it is sometimes an unfortunate consequence of sharing one’s beliefs and speaking one’s mind.

       Initially, I thought maybe I should keep my blog and Facebook pages much like I keep my holiday table—free from discussion of religion and politics and other potentially polarizing topics. But then, I found people sharing some of my posts. Some thanked me for my honesty, and told me that my words moved them to tears. Maybe an opinion or two shifted just a bit when a particular truth was laid bare. So, after much consideration, I've decided that I will not censor myself here, nor will I apologize for my opinions. We all have them, and it’s all right (and even important) for us to not always agree with one another.

       The freedom to express oneself openly is especially sacrosanct to a writer, and I believe that censoring oneself only does a disservice to truth. In all that I write I strive for utter and brutal (and occasionally uncomfortable) honesty. When writing The Maelstrom, I always try to be true to Aleksandr Zorin, no matter how difficult, disturbing or challenging that may be. He has allowed me to push against boundaries that I might otherwise have never even gone near. It is in that same spirit of honesty and defying limits that I present The Voice of Reason.  

       Language affords us with an endless variety of ways to express ourselves. It is my first and truest love. I am fully aware that tossing around profanity with impunity can undermine one’s message, so you needn’t fear a barrage of it here. That said, there are times when nothing is quite as effective or evocative as a well placed ‘fuck’. While you may occasionally feel that some of the words I invoke are strong, know that I consider all of them carefully. But, if you are deeply offended by swearing, I fear your tender sensitivities may be best protected elsewhere. 

       I know too, that I have people in my life that will disagree with some—and perhaps many—of the things that I have to say. Whenever possible, I try to find the least common denominator of the issues—those that transcend politics and religion. But let me warn you now that I tend to lean to what has become the “left” and if you lean (or leap) "right", then we are likely to disagree. If you have an extremely conservative view and are passionate about a subject that I have posted about, then I would ask that you proceed only if you are prepared to be respectful of my opinions. Though I have chosen not to censor myself, I'd prefer our differing beliefs not destroy our relationships.

       The opinions expressed in The Voice of Reason are mine alone, and many of them have “evolved” over the years. It’s entirely possible (and maybe even likely) that they will continue to change, so I encourage you to participate in the discussions to provide me—and other readers—with alternate points of view. I, therefore, will not censor your comments on any subject, provided you maintain a modicum of respect for those you disagree with, and so long as your comments are thoughtful and free of hostility. I will remove comments that fail to adhere this basic standard. I am confident that we can have spirited debates about subjects that we are passionate about without attacking one another.

       Most importantly, I hope you have fun, and that what you find here is both entertaining and enlightening.


       With all that said, read on.


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