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On Donald Trump


(Originally appeared on Facebook)



There are three conversations that are purely off-limits for discussion at my family's house: religion, gender identity/preference, and politics. I typically avoid those same topics here and on FB because I know I have friends and family that may be alienated or offended by the things I sometimes want to say.


Well, fuck it.


The time has come where I would feel complicit were I to say nothing, and I can hold my tongue no longer. If you support the things that Donald Trump is saying, you are not only blowhards, xenophobes, bigots and cowards--you are unapologetically unAmerican. You are supporting the systematic trampling of our 1st Amendment rights. You are supporting a man who has no intention or desire to "preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution," except in those parts he personally agrees with. If you plan to support him, you are part and parcel of the 10-12% of lunatics in this country that, quite honestly, scare the shit out of me. 


The vileness coming from Donald Trump's mouth is not rhetoric. It is inflammatory hate speech. It is inciting violence. We are seeing people--citizens of this country--attacked, assaulted, threatened, and beaten as a direct result of his words. 

I've made this case before: as someone who has created a narcissistic psychopath (character) I've come to know them when I see them. Semantics aside, I can say with confidence that Donald Trump is a narcissistic sociopath. I scored him a 31 on Hare's psychopath test based only on the information readily available to me. He is incapable of compassion or empathy. He almost certainly raped and assaulted his ex-wife, then paid to cover it up. And this is the man you've chosen to support and follow? Even now, after his most recent insane and unconstitutional proposals?


He has targeted Mexicans and wants to deport them. He has targeted Muslims, going so far as to say that even AMERICAN CITIZENS who are Muslim should not be permitted to return to their families and homeland, stranding them God knows where.


Donald Trump has ceased being a "xenophobic carnival barker." He is now a very real danger to this country--an enemy of the state who believes his own personal ideals supersede our laws.


He needs to be pulled from this race. Immediately. Before he fully wakes the dragon of racism that was better left to sleep away its hatred. Before the most ignorant among us go and legally obtain their guns so they can start shooting anyone that looks or believes differently than they do. Before we have an even bigger epidemic of kids shooting kids because those same ignorant idiots won't have the adequate mental capacity to assure their guns are safely locked away.


Some of you may be offended by this post. That's okay. We're allowed to disagree. But for the sake of my goddamn sanity, you should probably just unfriend me if you plan to vote for Donald Trump. Because frankly, I don't want to be disappointed in you, and because you're not going to want to read the shit I have to say if his campaign continues down this ludicrous, dangerous path. Because I will call you insane. I will call you ignorant. I will call you a coward and a fool. And probably an asshole. And possibly worse.


So like it or not, until we've told him "no more" to the point that he listens and crawls back under his rock, you can expect to see the occasional nasty post about Trump. I'd apologize, but I'm not sorry. HE should be sorry. Blame him for my actions henceforth. 


And since we've officially broken the politics rule for the time being, I encourage you to go and ‪#‎feelthebern‬ boys and girls. Learn what true strength and character and compassion are all about.



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