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Daniel Schuette (most often known by D.J.) is an author currently residing in chilly Minnesota in the suburbs of the Twin Cities. Sometimes writing as Julian Kincaid, his work covers a variety of genres, from dark thrillers, to horror, to YA fantasy and beyond. He is a published and award-winning songwriter and poet and the creator of, a fictional blog written from the perspective of Aleksandr Zorin, the serial killer featured in his first novel, Chaos.


Daniel fancies himself a great thinker (though he is really probably no more so than the average village idiot). He has therefore created The Voice of Reason, a place for him to hold court and verbalize those thoughts and opinions that, if internalized, might otherwise drive him insane. 


Though to look at him it would seem all but impossible, Daniel has a lovely daughter and gorgeous wife. He is also the owner of quite possibly the most adorable dog on the planet--her constant sighs would suggest she wishes he would just leave her alone. How he got so lucky is really anyone's guess.




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