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I've been very fortunate to meet several fantastic authors and industry pros both in my bookselling career and now in my endeavors as a writer. Here you'll find information about them, their work, and links to their pages. All of them have helped me in some way on my journey, so I hope you'll help me support them by visiting their pages and buying their books.


Jessie Chandler

Meet my dear friend, writing partner, editor, and all-around phenomenal human being. Jessie is the author of six novels, including the award-winning Shay O'Hanlon series. (Keep an eye out for the fifth Shay book, Blood Money Murder, due out this summer!) Her latest book, Operation: Stop Hate tackles the difficult subjects of bullying, a horrifying school shooting, and hate groups, all in a powerful, suspenseful read. She also co-edited Lesbians on the Loose with Lori Lake, a compilation featuring lesbian protagonists.


You can visit Jessie's webpage at and can purchase her books here or at bookstores near you.




Brian Freeman

Brian is, quite possibly, Minnesota's reigning thriller master. He is the author of twelve books, including eight (plus the novella Turn to Stone) in the acclaimed (and superb) Jonathan Stride series. His stand-alone novel Spilled Blood won Best Hardcover Novel at the 2013 International Thriller Writer's Awards, and Immoral won the Macavity Award for Best First Novel and was nominated for the Edgar, Dagger, Anthony and Barry Awards. Season of Fear is the second book to feature his newest protagonist Cab Bolton.


Brian's novels are intense, fast-paced, and so unpredictable they will keep you transfixed until the very last page. I was a huge fan of his work long before we became friends, and I can't recommend him highly enough. His books are available here, or visit his webpage at You won't regret it.


And for the inside scoop on a writer's life from the spouse's perspective, check out the fun and lighthearted The Author's Wife Facebook page hosted by Brian's wonderful wife, Marcia.







Kristi Belcamino

Though one of the more recent author additions to the rich thriller tradition here in Minnesota, Kristi is quickly becoming a literary force to be reckoned with. Her fiery protagonist, Gabriella Giovanni, takes a page (or several) from Kristi's own experience as a crime beat reporter in California. Her first novel, Blessed are the Dead is based in part on her real-life communications with a serial child killer, and is nominated for both a Macavity and Anthony Award in the Best First Novel category. Smart, realistic, and gripping, you can't go wrong with her "Blessed..." series.


Kristi is definitely one of the coolest Italian mamas I know. You can find out why at If you follow her, you may even be treated to video of her passing out during an F-18 Blue Angel flight over San Francisco. Priceless. Get her books here

Alida Winternheimer

You’ve just finished writing and revising (whether for the fifth or fiftieth time) a sure-fire New York Times Bestseller. Every word is a darling. Friends and family say you shouldn’t change a thing. That’s when you need Alida Winternheimer at Word Essential.


I chose Alida to edit my thriller Chaos for a number of reasons—not least of which were her flexible, customizable packages and reasonable rates. But I’ll use her again in the future for her objectivity, professionalism, timeliness, superb advice, and editing skill. You can count on her to be every bit as ruthless as your work requires—she’ll slay the darlings that need killing to keep your plot rocketing forward.


Whether you need a polish, a copy or content edit, continuity check, or a sounding board to brainstorm or flesh out ideas, you can’t go wrong with Word Essential. Alida is beyond excellent.


As one might expect, Alida is also a talented author in her own right. Check out her books here.

Murder Mayhem & More

Rowena Hoseason at Murder Mayhem & More is a terrific resource for readers to find their next thriller fix or for authors to get an objective book review. I was fortunate enough to have her input for Chaos, and it was a stellar experience. Not only did she love the book (thank God), but she provided a comprehensive review that led to terrific sales that would otherwise have gone unfound. Scoot on over and check out her blog and find your next exciting adventure!

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