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Critical Eye

Editing and Publishing Services

critical: (adj)- vital, indispensible

              (adj)- exercising or involving careful judgment or judicial evaluation




There comes a point in the life of almost every manuscript when it becomes difficult for an author to remain an objective (or effective) editor. We've become enamored with every word. Every turn of phrase is like a clever child destined for greatness, each plot twist a beautiful lover with whom we can't bear to part. We've seen every page so many times they're burned indelibly into our minds and hearts. That's precisely why an editor is absolutely critical to any successful creative endeavor.


My own search for an editor convinced me that there is a real need for affordable, professional editing services out there. Enter Critical Eye Editing & Publishing


What does Critical Eye Editing & Publishing offer?

An in-depth, objective, and critical look at your written work of any length from an award-winning author and experienced editor. I’ll thoroughly review your content and provide proofreading, copy/line editing, or content editing as per your needs. And when your project is polished and ready to be enjoyed by the rest of the world, I can provide you with a variety of services related to the publishing process. Whether you intend to do it yourself or hope to go a more traditional route, I can help. From consulting and advice, to assistance drafting eye-catching query letters, to acquisition of ISBNs and barcodes, to the formatting of print and e-books, Critical Eye Publishing has you covered. My goal is to provide a one-stop shop for all of your needs from first draft to published masterpiece. 


How does it work?

We’ll first have a conversation about your manuscript and your future plans for it. Once I have a good understanding of your goals, I’ll ask you to send me a random chapter or sample of your work to determine the scope of the project. I’ll return that chapter to you with no fewer than three edited pages (so that you may also evaluate my work) along with a quote based on the number of words. If agreeable, I'll send you a contract and ask for half of the payment up front. (The latter half will be due upon delivery.) You send me the manuscript (preferably in Word), and I'll dig in. If I have questions along the way, I may reach out to you for clarification. I'll return the manuscript with edits and suggestions in the Word Review Panel, and remain available to you for a period of two weeks after receipt for any input, follow-up, or questions you may have. If you wish to retain my publishing services, I will continue to partner with you until such time as your needs are met.

Will I have to sell both of my kidneys, or just one?

Hopefully neither! There are a number of different types of editing and each require varying degrees of time and effort. My quoted rates are as follows:


Resumes/Query Letters/Blog Posts up to 500 words: $50

Resumes/Query Letters/Blog Posts over 500 words: $100

Beta Reading with objective feedback: $100

Proofreading: .5 cents/word ($1.25/page)

Copy/Line editing: 1 cent/word ($2.50/page)

Content/Substantive editing: 1.5 cents/word ($3.75/page)

Contact me for availability and pricing of publishing services.

How long does it take?

Depending on my workload and the extent of your project, I should be able to edit short works in a few days and longer works in two to four weeks, though an in-depth substantive edit might take as many as eight weeks. I always provide weekly updates, and should I anticipate any delays they'll be communicated to you immediately. The timing of available publishing services vary. Contact me or visit for more details.

Let's do this!

Great! Use the contact button below to send me a request, or email me at I look forward to working with you!


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