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Works in Progress

Psychological Thriller


FBI Special Agent Nicholas Keegan investigates a string of unusual and particularly gruesome murders culminating in Minnesota, but is he hunter or prey?


Status: Published! 12/1/16 Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iBooks for just $2.99. Print edition is now available!! Click here to request a signed copy: $15.


Young Adult Fantasy


With nothing more than his courage, a shaggy (and stinky) braka, and a crazy geezer that claims to be almost five hundred years old, a young man sets off on an impossible journey to rid Valeria of the tyrant that slaughtered his parents in The Cleaving. Can Aurix prevent the evil Ra Xu'ul from obtaining the eight God-forged relics before using them to unmake all of existence?


Status: Complete. Agent submissions.

MAELSTROM (Chaos, book 2)

Psychological Thriller


Nick Keegan is arrested for murder, and the details of his wife's time with serial killer Aleksandr Zorin emerge. Meanwhile, Addie Lange plumbs the depths of the Darknet on a personal mission and in the process stumbles upon a disturbing conspiracy that defies comprehension.


Status: Complete. Coming October 2018. (Find an excerpt at the end of Chaos!)


THE ARCHIVE- tent. (Chaos, book 3)

Psychological Thriller


A horrifying but little-known archive is housed at the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit in Aquia, Virginia. It will take someone with a particular kind of psyche to plumb those depths. Meanwhile, a murderer is terrorizing northern Virginia, leaving his victims alive but beyond saving.


Status: Begun. 8000 words




A humorous guide to safe winter driving, surviving road construction, and the dreaded zipper merge.


Status: In progress--3000 words

LOSING FACE (tentative)


Sergeant McKenzie Quinn works Major Crimes for the St. Paul Police Department. She is the lead detective assigned to the Family and Sexual Violence division, and is often a very public face of the SPPD when it comes to high-profile rape cases. After McKenzie is violently attacked by a serial rapist in her home, she awakens, near-death, to a very unfamiliar and disconcerting world.

Status: In progress--21000 words

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