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Dare I?

Dare I give? Dare I feel?

Dare I ever allow myself to heal? 


Dare I hope? Dare I dream?

Dare I believe that this is everything it seems? 


Dare I try? Dare I tell you?

That I want to dare to see this through?


Dare I give? Dare I want to fall?

For someone who finally makes me want to dare at all?


Dare I cry? Dare I open those gates?

Or do I dare to twist my fate?


Dare I trust? Dare I take your hand?

Can I? Will I? Dare to feel again? 


Dare I believe? Dare I let go?

Dare I find the courage to make my desires known? 


Dare I? Dare I? I’m not sure I dare.

But I wish I dared to tell you just how much I already care. 

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